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Who is Stefano?
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Discover the magic behind the bar! Meet Stefano Ripiccini, our Head Bartender.

"Today, as I look back, it feels like a lifetime journey. I recall when I first stepped into hospitality; I was merely a 15-year-old kid. In 2001, I relocated to London to immerse myself in the bartender lifestyle. As an inexperienced bartender, I found inspiration from Tony Conigliaro at L'Isola restaurant in Knightsbridge, and Douglas Ankrah, creator of the Porn Star Martini at LAB in Soho. Wayne Collins was a notable figure on BBC Channel, and Charles Vexenat from the Lonsdale. Nick Strangeway once advised me, 'Step away from the bar, live life, then return to share your experiences with your customers!' These were the torchbearers who followed the footsteps of 'Dick Bradsell.'

Guys, let me tell you about the 'Second Golden Age of the Cocktail Era!' The bar industry began evolving in 2007 with the emergence of talents like Alex Kratena & Simone Caporale at the Artisian Bar, and Agostino & Erik Lorinz reopening the Connaught Hotel. Salvatore Calabrese, known as 'The Maestro,' was at Fifty, while Alessandro Palazzi graced Dukes Hotel. Marian Bake and many others ignited the movement we now call 'Mixology.' A heartfelt tribute to my mentor, Giuliano Morandin, a legendary figure in the industry. For seven years, I arrived 15 minutes early every day at the Dorchester Bar to witness the greatness of Morandin's panache. From Qatar to Shanghai, Milan, and St Barth Island, I've traversed to absorb the richness of experiences.

I am proud to announce and be part of the the opening of Society25, welcoming you with open arms. If you find yourself in Budapest, please pay me a visit at W Budapest. Two parts history, one part mystery."