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    Built from the ruins and raised in the shadows of society, enter an aura of mystery. This is not a thoroughfare for the quick drinker. It's an experience, not a convenience. Raise your glasses to the creative exploration of the finest spirits, served with exuding elegance. To revel within is to be revered.

  • Signature cocktails


    Our menu takes inspiration from eight historical eras, their prominent figures and landmark events. From the early history of the building to the late 20th century and beyond. From Béla Drechsler to Houdini & Zsa Zsa Gabor. History is best served cold and by our world-class mixologists.

  • The Experience

    The Experience

    Hidden in the depths of bustling Budapest, revel in the ambience of a bygone era. With Art Deco as the backdrop, become a contemporary witness of the 20th-century tables societies. A secret café culture that gathered the intelligentsia for radical thought. Reveal yourself if you're interested in the interesting.
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